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Camping Isla de Ons

Glamping in Ons Island, with camping area and canvas tents on wooden base.

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Open map Isla de Ons, Bueu (Pontevedra), España

Camping Isla de Ons is located on the island of Ons, belonging to the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, in the heart of the Rias Baixas (Pontevedra).

Located in a stunning setting surrounded by nature and white sandy beaches, it also allows us to enjoy delicious local cuisine and learn about the amazing traditions of the island's culture.

We are the first self-sustainable campsite in Galicia, we have modern and well-kept facilities, among them, the new Glamping tents.

Canvas tents of 3.20 x 2.50 m on a wooden base. The tents can be for two or four people and have a bed with a fitted sheet and pillow. In addition, each tent has a low voltage electricity point on the outside.

The campsite is distributed in delimited plots with enough space for the tent and recreation area. Each of them has free electricity supply available to the customer.

We have Glamping and Standard tents, fixed in plots. The rest of the plots will be assigned automatically by the reservation system without the possibility of choice.
The cafeteria of the campsite has an indoor and outdoor terrace with shaded areas.

We also have a small grocery store, where you can find canned food, bread, sausages, fruit, yoghurts, cookies, drinks, sun creams, among other products.

In Camping Isla de Ons we also have a module entirely dedicated to the laundry service.

It has two key-operated washing machines (information at reception), laundry sinks for clothes and sinks for dishes.

Please follow the rules to avoid traffic jams and unforeseen events that may affect the operation of these services.

Booking conditions

Upon arrival at the campsite, you have to go to the reception, where our staff will tell you which will be the procedures to follow.

We advise you to pay maximum attention to your personal belongings, as the company is not responsible for them.

Once the reservation has been made through the web page, the total amount will be charged.

Since it is necessary to request authorization to visit the Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia, through the system implemented by the Xunta de Galicia, such authorization will be managed by the Camping Isla de Ons with the customer's reliable data.

Cancellations and modifications requested by the client must be communicated in writing to at least 15 days in advance (deadline stipulated by the Regulations of the National Maritime Terrestrial Park for the cancellation of the authorization of the visit) for full reimbursement of the amount paid. If less notice is given, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the amount paid.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure (medical emergency, judicial cause or other duly justified reason) the amount paid will be refunded provided that official proof is presented. In this situation, a change of dates is also offered if there is availability.

The opening dates of the campsite would be: weekends in June and from June 21 to September 15 uninterruptedly.

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