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Excursion through the Barrosa Valley


Mountain route quite accessible for all audiences.

4-5 hours approx.

Ruta 9km.

Our ecotourism commitment

We are committed to the environment and work towards sustainable tourism.
That is why we are taking measures in this direction. More information

Our certificates:
Our ecotourism commitment:

Through this Pyrene365 ecotourism activity, we are committed to environmental conservation and local development:
- We organise travel to the activity site by optimising the use of vehicles in order to minimise our carbon footprint. We measure this footprint periodically and carry out mitigation and compensation measures.
- Through this activity we collaborate with the Association of Friends of the Sobrarbe Traditional Trails to recover traditional trails that fell into disuse after the decline and depopulation of the Pyrenean region during the second half of the last century.
- Throughout the activity, we give great importance to the interpretative and environmental education component with the aim of promoting respect, preservation and protection of the environment.

Open map Valle de Barrosa, Bielsa (Huesca), España

Mountain route quite accessible for all audiences.

The Barrosa valley is located in the Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark, which is part of the UNESCO World Geoparks network.

The route will be accompanied at all times by a qualified mountain guide, who is very knowledgeable about the region and its history.

Throughout the excursion we will make several interpretative stops at key points that will allow us to understand the geological processes that gave rise to these mountains, and how they determined man's relationship with them. The origin of the mountains of granite, slate, schist and limestone, and the formation of seams, will help us to understand the mining exploitation that took place for about 2,000 years, and especially the mining facilities of the early twentieth century, whose remains we will visit. Around one of the old shepherds' huts, nowadays transformed into a refuge for mountaineers, we will talk about the traditional life based on shepherding. In the surroundings of the glacial cirque we will travel to other times, 65,000 years ago, when ice covered these valleys and shaped them at the same time. This context will help us to learn about and reflect on climatic changes, both ancient and present.

In line with our ecotourist philosophy, in an environment that has been modified by man for thousands of years, our presence will leave only ephemeral traces, while we take with us knowledge, sensations and reflections about the mountains, a stronghold of biodiversity.


- Group of 2 persons: 65€/person.
- Group of 3 - 4 persons: 45€/person.
- Group of 5 - 6 persons: 40€/person.
- Group of 7 - 10 persons: 35€/person.

The price includes

The rates include:
- Previous advice for the organization and equipment before departure.
- Mid-mountain guide.
- Trekking poles.
- Accident and liability insurance.
- VAT and management fees.

The price does not include:
- Transport to the starting point of the excursion.
- Extra costs due to variations in the planned program.
- Meals, drinks and/or other extras.
- Unforeseen expenses caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as natural disasters, weather problems, breakdowns or force majeure.
- Any service not specified in the previous section includes.


From April to November, every day:
- Hours: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Activity details

- The activity is not adapted for people with functional diversity.

Approximate duration

4-5 hours approx.

Itinerary type

Ruta 9km.

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