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The Euskadi Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve

Ecotourist Commitment

Ongi etorri to Urdaibai Basque Reserve, the only Biosphere Reserve in the Basque Country. Our home. Gure etxea. A space of coexistence for more than 14,000 years where you can experience the influence of nature on culture in all its intensity.
Urdaibai is clear, for tourism to be sustainable it must contribute to the protection of its natural and cultural heritage, and the socio-economic development of its local population. We take care of the present, to build the future.
For this reason, in 2019 it launched its adhesion to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, thus becoming the first protected area in the Basque Country to be certified as a sustainable tourist destination.
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Come to Urdaibai and bring out the ecotourist in you!

Balance between people and nature

Urdaibai, paradigm of the balance between people and nature. An extraordinarily beautiful space where nature, heritage and culture, its villages and its people coexist in harmony, a landscape rich in contrasts with an extraordinary naturalistic value. 22,000 hectares integrated in a mosaic of cliffs, mountains, beaches, rivers and subway waters, offering a spectacular landscape full of animal and human life. Urdaibai, now, almost forty years after its declaration as a Biosphere Reserve, is shown as a destination to know and enjoy layer by layer: its culture, its identity, its nature, its gastronomy, its wines and its high quality of life.
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