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Four Crowns Territory UNESCO


A mountain Geopark in the heart of the Pyrenees

UNESCO Geopark

Ecotourist Commitment

The Sobrarbe-Pyrenees Geopark has existed as such since 2006 and was the first destination in Aragon to join Soy Ecoturista in 2013, with a clear commitment to the sustainable development of our territory and to offer ecotourism experiences to our visitors, guaranteeing travelers their contribution to local development and the conservation of the geodiversity and biodiversity of the areas they visit and the tourist services they enjoy.
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A place to enjoy in all senses

Sobrarbe-Pyrenees County

In the heart of the Pyrenean mountains, including the highest peaks, but also the most accessible mountain ranges, is the UNESCO World Geopark Sobrarbe-Pyrenees. A diverse territory nestled in a spectacular landscape where natural and cultural heritage have been coexisting for millennia. 
In the rocks of our mountains is written the history of the Pyrenees, more than 500 million years full of amazing events. Ancient mountain ranges, arid deserts, deep seas, tropical deltas, glaciers? all the secrets about the origin of the mountains can be read in Sobrarbe. And all this accompanied by an exceptional flora and fauna.
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Sobrarbe Ecotourism

Charming villages, gastronomy and fantastic views of the countryside

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