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The Southern Mountain Range


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Sierra Nevada

Ecotourist Commitment

About 50 families, small local businesses and their employees, self-employed professionals and cooperatives, work together in a network and in collaboration with the managers of the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada, championing ecotourism in our territory.our association is made up of hospitality companies (family hotels, rural hotels and cottages), restaurants, artisans, organic farmers, environmental education centers, mountain and ecotourism guides and organizers of all kinds of activities and trips in the territory.our main mission is to promote and encourage sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Sierra Nevada.our main mission is to promote and encourage sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Sierra Nevada. 
Our main mission is to promote and encourage sustainable tourism and ecotourism in the Sierra Nevada. In this way we help our people to continue living in the Sierra with the help of tourism while ensuring that tourism activity is responsible and allows the conservation of our natural and cultural treasures.the companies of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Association of Sierra Nevada (CETS) with their ways of doing, passion for the territory, commitments and actions are the beating heart of Sierra Nevada.
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Outstanding for its bioclimatic diversity and Andalusian flora.

Protected natural area of Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is aligned from east to west with a spine or line of summits of about 90 kilometers long. This divide divides its waters between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. On both sides the mountain range gives way to the plains, low basins, fertile plains and continental plateaus. Two slopes: the north, cold, and the south, warm, and two halves: the humid west and the dry east, define part of its uniqueness. The geological landscapes are very varied: schists and slates in the summits, surrounded by a discontinuous border of limestones and dolomites, and even some subdesert landscape in the low areas.
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