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Our commitment is to offer to all those who value the wonders of nature in Spain, proposals to discover it with committed local professionals, thus supporting its conservation and the quality of life of those who live in it.
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Sailing between the sea and the forest

Urdaibai is a tourist destination especially aimed at people who appreciate and respect the natural and cultural environment of the places they visit. Those willing to explore and enjoy our environment and biodiversity in a natural and relaxed way, discovering at the same time all its gastronomic richness.

DAY 1:
- In the afternoon, arrival and accommodation.
- On your own, you can visit the Ekoetxea of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve where you can discover all the richness and biodiversity it has to offer with wonderful views of the marshes.
- Accommodation in a charming rural hotel.

DAY 2:
- In the morning after breakfast, we will go on our own to the port of Mundaka or Sukarrieta, to enjoy a boat trip of "The Footprint of the Tides in Urdaibai".
Tides in Urdaibai", a guided route sailing along the Mundaka estuary passing through the villages of Sukarrieta, Busturia, Murueta, Ibarrangelu and Gautegiz Arteaga, where we will see the mark left by the tides in all of them, ethnographically, throughout history and shaping the landscape, in the unique environment of Urdaibai.
Duration: 1:30 hours.
- Afterwards, lunch at the Madaixagane restaurant, which offers traditional cuisine with a large vegetable garden base, high quality natural and seasonal produce, as well as meats and raw materials from the area.
With a "zero kilometre" philosophy, its dishes will delight visitors.
- In the afternoon, we will have free time to visit Gernika and its Casa de Juntas and Peace Museum, or the fishing villages of Bermeo and Mundaka.
- Accommodation in a charming rural hotel.

DAY 3:
- After breakfast we will head out on our own, for a guided forest bathing experience.
This activity is a sensory experience that consists of short, quiet walks immersed in nature.
During the tour we enjoy the silence and the natural elements and sounds that surround us, seeking the effect of wellbeing that forests give us.
Duration 1h30 hours.
- Afterwards, we will go to the Txakoli Berroja winery to get to know it first hand and enjoy its white wines together with a tasting of pintxos (tapas) that will show us another part of the local gastronomy.
that will show us another part of the local gastronomy.
- In the afternoon, we will have free time to continue enjoying the beaches and other unique corners of Urdaibai.
- Accommodation in a charming rural hotel.

DAY 4:
- After breakfast visit on your own, but with admission included to the Urdaibai Birding Center located in Gautegiz-Arteaga, which is a living museum of nature, open to the public for the knowledge of the world of birds and their migrations and is at the same time an observatory of the marshland.
- End of the trip and return to your place of origin with a basket of gourmet products from Conservas Campos.


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Spain has 16 National Parks, 53 Biosphere Reserves, 16 UNESCO World Geoparks, more than 100 natural parks, all of them treasure wonderful landscapes, unique species, history, traditions, exquisite local products and gastronomy. At Soy Ecoturista you will discover some of our magnificent protected areas by the hand of their inhabitants, their true guardians. We tell you the best way to visit them, what not to miss, when to visit them and we make some recommendations so that your visit leaves only a positive mark. Together, we can help these magnificent spaces to be preserved and remain alive.
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