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Naturally magical, naturally ecotouristic


An island with an ancient forest, the Garajonay National Park.

Our planet needs us

ECOTURIST Commitment

To preserve and perpetuate the uniqueness of La Gomera we aspire to keep it free of any influence other than that of the water resting on the laurel forest, of the seas of clouds molding the relief, of the botanical and faunistic caprices of our endemic species". Excerpt from the Manifesto of the companies adhering to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of La Gomera.
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La Gomera

A unique ancient forest

Only here is it possible to guess how the jungles were before the arrival of human beings to the islands: an ancient forest unique in the world crowns the island of La Gomera. The waters of the Atlantic bathe its coast, sometimes docile, sometimes strong. Together with the trade winds they manage to soften the temperatures which makes it a paradise to visit all year round, impossible verticalities of its ravines, gentle hills where you can see endless horizons with their sunsets, more than 600km of trails, hidden coves and beaches, impeccable skies and wonderful people. Any excuse is good to visit this island where nature is the protagonist, the climate of the Canary Islands called the eternal spring and the number of hours of sunshine per year, make La Gomera a place where you can always practice outdoor activities.
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Bosque en La Gomera


What you need to know

The Canary laurel forest finds refuge in the fog zone of La Gomera. Garajonay is currently the best preserved example of this ecosystem.

The landscape and its people

A very well preserved island

Endless trails, breathtaking viewpoints, hidden beaches, dolphins in freedom and charming villages in a very well preserved natural environment.

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