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The landscape that inspired the Romanesque


A territory that holds the secrets of the Earth and of humanity

A territory that holds the secrets of the Earth and of humanity.

ECOTURIST Commitment

In 2017, UNESCO included this territory in the Global Geoparks Network. In this way, this international organization recognized the exceptional natural and cultural heritage of this region of Las Loras located north of the provinces of Burgos and Palencia. The incorporation to the Global Geoparks Network means working for the conservation and enhancement of the geological heritage as well as the rest of the natural and cultural heritage, but also developing a clear strategy for sustainable development, highlighting geotourism.
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Located in the southeastern sector of the Cantabrian Mountains, it has a powerful landscape.

Las Loras Geopark

Las Loras Geopark, located in the southeastern sector of the Cantabrian Mountains, has a powerful landscape that tells us about some of the great geological events that took place during the last 250 million years.These enormous limestone moors of more than 1000 m altitude that are Las Loras, and that rise like impregnable fortresses, are flanked by deep and beautiful river canyons sculpted by the rivers Ebro, Pisuerga or RudrónThe powerful landscape of Las Loras is witness to the largest concentration of Romanesque buildings in the Iberian Peninsula. The link between geological heritage, art and human settlement is one of the hallmarks of the Geopark.
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La Horadada Canyon


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