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A way of traveling to approach and get to know natural areas in a responsible way.


Our commitment is to offer to all those who value the wonders of nature in Spain, proposals to discover it with committed local professionals, thus supporting its conservation and the quality of life of those who live in it.

What is ecotourism?

A way of traveling to approach and get to know the natural spaces in a responsible way, respecting their balance, minimizing our environmental impacts and enjoying them through the experiences offered by companies committed to their effective conservation.when we do ecotourism we not only know, live and appreciate the places we visit, but we also protect their values (natural, cultural, ethnographic, gastronomic, etc.), favoring in short the socioeconomic development of its local population.

Who are we?

Soy Ecoturista groups destinations and companies that offer authentic ecotourism experiences in territories with protected areas (Spanish Biosphere Reserves, National Parks, Natural Parks, Geoparks, Natura 2000 Network Areas, etc.) and that also meet a series of environmental and social requirements that guarantee the traveler their contribution to the conservation of biodiversity and local development of the areas they visit, a fundamental characteristic of ecotourism. Soy Ecoturista is an initiative that offers authentic ecotourism experiences in protected areas, guaranteeing travelers that by enjoying them they are contributing to the conservation of the areas they visit and to the well-being of their inhabitants. Soy Ecoturista is managed by the Asociación de Ecoturismo en España, a non-profit association created in 2010 to promote and encourage ecotourism in protected natural areas and promote Spain as an ecotourism destination.

Are you an ecotourist?

-If you let yourself be surprised by landscapes, biodiversity, culture, gastronomy, and you also like to know that your trip contributes to preserve them, if you enjoy bird watching, observing flora or discovering geological sites with professionals who work in their conservation, if you are looking for relaxation with friends or family in establishments that help to preserve the environment you visit, if you travel on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by canoe, respecting it as much as possible and discovering its secrets thanks to local professionals... you are in luck: YOU ARE ECOTREASURY!-If you travel through nature on foot, by bicycle, horseback or canoe, respecting it to the maximum and discovering its secrets thanks to local professionals... you are in luck: YOU ARE ECOTOURIST! and in you have a place of reference to discover the best of our nature and that your next trips help to conserve it.

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