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Nature and tradition in the same destination

Sickles of the river Riaza

Stories in every corner, come to know the Linares reservoir.

The road to conservation

Ecotourism commitment

In the Hoces del Río Riaza Natural Park, a protected area dedicated mainly to landscape conservation, important work is carried out to protect the biodiversity of birds of prey.
This raptor refuge has been established with the purpose of preserving these species, avoiding hunting and promoting a sustainable development approach. This refuge has not only managed to maintain the vulture population, but has also contributed to its increase. In addition to being a sanctuary for raptors, it also serves as a refuge for other species that inhabit the area .
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An experience full of sensations

Sickles of the river Riaza

Las Hoces del Río Riaza is a very appropriate destination for nature and history lovers. Within it, there is the Natural Park Hoces del Río Riaza whose socioeconomic area of influence is composed of three charming municipalities that not only offers breathtaking landscapes, but also a cultural richness that captivates its visitors.

To explore this place is to take a trip back in time, where there are ancient ruins, centuries-old churches and picturesque cobblestone streets that tell the story of past generations.
In addition, the variety of outdoor activities available are numerous, from hiking and bird watching to canoeing on the Embalse de Linares reservoir.
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A village by the river.


Information of interest

A journey through time through culture and nature

Live the experience to the fullest

Admiring the essence

Uniting history, nature and wildlife

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