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Harmony between man and nature


Walks among beeches and slates

A pioneering site in the implementation of the Natura 2000 Network

Ecotourism commitment

In November 2020 the ZEC Area and ZEPA "Sierra de Ayllón" joined the System for the Recognition of the Sustainability of Nature Tourism in the Natura 2000 Network, a few months later several companies were certified. The Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Natural Park has been a pioneer in the implementation of this System, coordinated by MITERD and the Secretary of State for Tourism of MINCOTUR, by participating in the pilot project for its implementation.
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Mountains and rivers, sculptors of the landscape

Sierra Norte de Guadalajara

The park extends over 116,953 hectares at the point where the Central and Iberian systems and the northeastern sector of the Tagus Basin meet.
This conjunction explains the remarkable diversity of rocks that outcrop in the park and are responsible for its unique physiognomy. Slate, quartzite and gneiss (all of them very old metamorphic rocks) predominate, forming ridges, ridges, valleys, fluvial canyons, cliffs, canyons and gullies.In the highest altitudes, glacial cirques such as Pico del Lobo and Pico Tres Provincias or Cebollera Vieja, where the remains of ancient glacial moraines are visible. But there are also limestones that have given rise to fantastic landscapes such as the enchanted city of Tamajón and gorges such as those of Retiendas and Valdepeñas de la Sierra.
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