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Nature and verticality


Mountains of landscapes and cheeses

Ecotourism commitment

The Picos de Europa National Park is an ecosystem where the geographical location, altitude and verticality of its mountains make it a unique place that houses a variety of forests, a spectacular fauna and a unique geology, all in coexistence with humans.
From the beginning we have been committed to the need to maintain this coexistence between the tourism sector, livestock, dairies and, of course, the protection of this natural area.
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Wildlife, nature, cheeses and villages through hundreds of trails

Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa are a majestic mountain range that rises near the coast of the Cantabrian Sea in northern Spain, with a fascinating geological origin that dates back millions of years.
The verticality of its mountains together with the altitudinal difference and the climate have created thousands of life forms, with a spectacular biodiversity throughout its 66,030 hectares of mountains, meadows, meadows, meadows and villages.
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Mountainous landscape with vegetation on the hillside


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Lots of things to enjoy the mountain and its people.

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