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The discretion of the wild


The oak forest that sleeps on the water

A territory that works for sustainability

Ecotourist Commitment

The tourism and development model of the Biosphere Reserve of La Siberia can only be understood by ensuring the sustainability of economic activities that fix population in our territory. With the help of Soy Ecoturista, the Ecotourism product club of Spain, up to 30 companies in the tourism and agri-food sectors are currently working towards better environmental management, with their products being recognized under the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve Brand.
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A journey into the unknown


Located in the extreme northeast of the province of Badajoz, in the foothills of the Montes de Toledo, it treasures reasons to fill the visitor with quietness and delight. Its vast territory delights in the hodgepodge of landscapes; from the vast plains of the south to the Mediterranean forests of the north, slopes clothed with ancient olive groves pampered by tradition and meandering water paths.
There where the Guadiana widens with overflowing fullness between overwhelming cliffs. La Siberia stands as a paradise for nature lovers, and especially for those passionate about ornithology, being many birds that find, in the variety of enclaves that make it up, a refuge for nesting and resting. Its cultural identity is palpable in the small villages, where the gastronomic tradition reveals a spectacular raw material and where heritage remains of exceptional value emerge. Discover the largest inland freshwater coast of Spain and immerse yourself in a wild region.
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Countryside landscape with a river in between


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