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Batuecas - Sierra de Francia

The heart of the Sierra de Francia

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Ecotourist Commitment

In the Las Batuecas Sierra de Francia Natural Park, a protected area dedicated mainly to landscape conservation, important work is carried out to protect biodiversity. The commitment to the conservation of this natural space is deep-rooted and deep-rooted, evidenced by the daily activities dedicated to its preservation.
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History, Heritage and Nature

Las Batuecas - Sierra de Francia

This area is characterized by countless singularities that make the Batuecas-Sierra de Francia a unique destination among other things:
- For the good state of conservation of its forests: holm oak, oak, chestnut, cork, pine ... in which we find yews, rowan, holly, mastic, almeces, arbutus, etc..
- For its complicated landscape of deep valleys, in which vegetation and man have drawn a striking mosaic.
- For the fauna and flora of the environment, where species such as the black vulture, the Sierra de Francia lizard, the Alagón beetle and the Armeria salmantica stand out.
- For the rich ethnographic and artistic heritage that the geographical isolation has preserved to this day.
- For a unique popular architecture of which there are still good samples.
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Source: Fundación Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León, Photographic material financed by the European Union, REACT-EU funds.


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