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The magical forest of La Plata


A thermal oasis in a forest of trees - cathedrals

Committed to Local Development

Ecotourist Commitment

In 2015 the Ambroz Valley launched a study to analyze the tourist sustainability of the destination, the result of this work was a strategy that has been incorporated into the Participatory Local Development Strategy (EDLP) that the Association for the Integral Development of the Ambroz Valley (DIVA) implements with funds from the LEADER program of the European Union.
As a result of this strategy, at the initiative of the Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs of the Ambroz Valley (ATUVA), the Ambroz Valley began in 2021 the process of incorporation into Soy Ecoturista (Ecotourism product club in Spain), using the audit system managed by the club itself, which involved meeting certain requirements both by the destination and by the companies. It is finally incorporated in 2022 with a total of 11 companies that assume commitments to sustainability, nature conservation and support for local development, offering authentic Ecotourism experiences. Since then, the destination continues to work and there are already 15 companies adhering to Soy Ecoturista.
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It is a small territory between mountains in the north of Extremadura, on the millenary Via Romana de la Plata.

Ambroz Valley Natural Area

The Ambroz Valley is a small territory between mountains in the north of Extremadura, on the ancient Roman Vía de la Plata. A natural treasure full of contrasts, with mountains over 2,000 meters, lush chestnut forests, rivers, gorges and ancient trees. 80% of the territory is under some form of protection.
It is home to magical corners, such as the Chestnut Trees of Temblar, more than 500 years old in Segura de Toro, waterfalls like La Chorrera, natural pools like those of Casas del Monte or Abadía and ancient Roman thermal baths like those of Baños de Montemayor. If we add its rich history that is reflected in the millenary Vía de la Plata or the Jewish quarter of Hervás we understand why it won the European EDEN award for the best health and wellness destination in Spain in 2019.
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Mountain landscape with low clouds

What you need to know


The Ambroz Valley is a green island thanks to its mountains, where the Atlantic squalls are recreated.

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Nature, history and water

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